The Exhibition & Symposium "Public Space and Homelessness. Exposing Research" will examine homeless from an original point of view (by articulating an unprecedented format of symposium and exhibition), since it will look at the phenomenon as a public problem and inextricably as a research issue. This double event has for objective to resume current research in homelessness as well as its history in its different articulations with public action, in a context of urban precariousness.

This symposium will be organized according to an international comparative perspective around 3 axes:

1/ Genealogy and actuality of the research

2/ Formats of knowledge: crossed processes and representations

3/ Political stakes of research: between actors and researchers


This exhibition seeks to discover research processes, the “behind the scene”, and its fitting in research programs and public action. The overall group of researches that will be exhibited corresponds to the 3 axis of the symposium. Different types of public research summaries will be presented through a fragmented stage design in different types of devices directed through genealogic, artistic, lived and narrative experiences.

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